Glorybound Publishing

Introducing our Newest Books with some first time
​authors as well as some recurring names!

Lucy Andrews joins her brother (professional artist, Wade Jordan.

Gwen Nolan releases her first spiritual book. 

Reverend Sharon Moyer releases her 6th book in a series on the glory of God. 

Rebecca Koppin, Author and Artist releases her first poetry book. 

Sheri Hauser releases her first of a series of Prophetic Prayer. 

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Sheri Hauser

Welcome to Glorybound Publishing your book

We can help you get your book done. If you are caught in the tangled web of e-book verses bound book and the quagmire of editing and cover development, we can help.

Bringing books from the desk to the market, some of our services include:

  • First of all, you need a Marketing Consultation ($199) with $99 credit should you decide to continue and publish your book with us. 
    Find out where your genre is best suited to be released and work out a personalized step by step plan for getting that book out there. 
  • Risk Free Manuscript Editor Evaluation ($249) Read the first chapter (up to 5000 words) and provide in depth constructive feedback that will help you finish writing a better book. There is no obligation to publish with Glorybound. We return your manuscript with in-depth notes which are sure to aid in its success. The book does not need to be completed for the Editor Evaluation.
  • ​No matter where you plan to release your book, you must have a professional book review. We write professional book reviews! It is a review of the manuscript (whether it is released as an e-book or bound book) and a light review of the entire book. The book review sells the book being included with the cover on all advertising materials where it is released ($199). See a sample book review of one of Sheri Hauser's dream books, Miracules. 
  • We can set up your book to sell; either on a personalized web site or on Amazon. 
  • Be sure to connect....We can assist with social media connections such as Linken, Twitter and Facebook. 
  • Whether you have a family book, or a book which needs to be packed for the nations, we can help. We publish in any language.
  • Electronic books are very popular. We do file conversions in MOBI (for Kindle devices and EPUB for Apple and Nook devices. E-bookformatting starting at $299.
  • Keep 100% of your royalty. 

E-mail sheri with your request at   


Glorybound Publishes it's own books, too. We interview authors with spiritual books and Children's books with moral content. The authors are contracted with the company. In 2015 we have 647 titles in nine languages and four countries. See our Authors Page for list of current authors and artists. Steps to become a Glorybound Author:     

  • Request an interview for review of your manuscript. Phone or in-person is OK. 
  • We contract with the authors and assist in everything it takes to bring the book to publication.
  • Included are three levels of editing (Flow, Line, and thought process)
  • Develop a personal logo
  • Advertisement locally and internationally
  • Provide business Cards and brochures
  • Sales avenues
  • Assist in color management and pictures which are needed.
  • All books are assigned ISBN and Library of Congress Copyright Registration