Rehema Kids--the orphanage in Africa sponsored by Glorybound is making several of their pre-school books available as a Brain-e-Book as a download for $2.47.

Dean Peck with his Brain-e-Book The Wedding Organizer. He developed this fill-in manual when his daughter got married. Great book for planning any wedding! Available as a Brain-e-Book as a download for $2.47.

New Authors: Carl Carlson with his Brain-e-Book Defiance to Alliance. When I first met Carl, I noticed the amazing tattoos and realized they tell the story of who he is.  So, we photographed his tattoos and used them for the cover... because that is who he is. Defiance to Alliance is a unique book written in poetic format and read like a rap song. The book will keep you on the edge of your chair with his hair raising stories of antics, drugs and gangs. It brings the reader through Carl’s life starting with such chapters as ‘unruly and destructive’ and ending with ‘transition and life’. ---The publisher

The Baby Book is a fill-in book for new mothers to use as their baby goes through the early stages. available as a Brain-e-Book as a download for $2.47.

God's Little Minstrel is a new book by Edward Lee Winctentsen available as a Glorybound Book.

Welcome to Publishing your book

We love NEW authors. Publishing books since 2005. 

We offer several ways to publish your book.

We make e-books, books for readers and bound books.

All of our books are made in America at our office. 


  • Brain-e-Books include books from any subject self published or previously published works
    which the author wants to release as an e-book. We will develop the files and release it for sale
    on our Web site for $47.85 (6 months). Any subject which adds to smart-ness is permitted.
  • Perfect way to publish your dissertation and make it available to the public! 
  • No copyright limitation. Author retains full authority. No obligation contract. 
  • All Brain-e-Books sell for $2.47 per download. Author receives $1.48 each download.
  • Second book is half price to submit. 

Bookmark Shelf Space

  • Self-published books which are the types of books which Glorybound Publishing publishes with their spiritual authors and children's authors. This program is for those with a stack of books who are looking for an inexpensive outlet to market their book. 
  • Perfect way to get your book out there!
  • No copyright limitation and author retains full authority as the text remains intact fully. We store the books on site at the office or the author may choose to mail out books as they are ordered. 
  • Cost is 8.00 for book review and $50. per 6 months. 
  • Free business cards (200 per year) and invitation to all Glorybound events. 

E-Book Cards

  • We develop an E-Book Card from your existing book file for $9.95 (one time fee).
  • Each Card is 19.5 x10.2 CM. and contains an introduction to the book, summary, book availability, isbn information and options for ordering as well as mini-DVD with the entire book on PDF for download on a desk top computer as well as e-pub files for download in a hand held book reader.
  • E-cards are $1.19 per card (minimum order of 10). 
  • No copyright limitation and author retains full authority as the text remains intact fully.
  • The book can be on any subject and all of the cards are returned to the author. We do not option to distribute them through Glorybound unless this is desired by the author using the Bookmark Shelf Space or Brain-e-Book options. 
  • Perfect for authors at events and to give freely because of the cost and size. They contain the entire book, but on a single page with a DVD.
  • We do not put a price on the e-Book Cards so they can be sold for whatever the author desires. 
  • Perfect for family books and limited print options.
  • The book does not need to be published or have an ISBN to become an e-Book Card. 
  • Professionally packaged. Can be mailed to anywhere in the USA. 
  • Turn around time is 2 weeks. In a rush? Can be ready in 3 days for an extra fee ($40.00 for set up).

Publish a New Book:

  • Perfect for first time authors who want to move along and get their book completed professionally.
  • We use the Agenda to Publish and follow the criteria to complete the process. 
  • We assist the author every step of the way through developing the cover, book compilation, editing, book legalities, sales and distribution and cost analysis. 
  • The book will be available when completed in all formats (e-book, pdf, and bound book). 
  • Turn around on these books is around 2 months (depends on editing). 
  • Cost to publish a book is $1374.00 (complete). 
  • Payment plans are available as low as $200 down and $53.00 per month. 

Looking for some help with advertising?

  • Let our graphic design department create a custom logo for 70.95
  • We can Build a FaceBook Page for 25.00 which will give you advertisement for your book.
  • We can Set up Square Account which allows you to sell your book for as low as $6.00 per month. The cost for set up is one time 25.00
  • 3 page web site on GoDaddy with  20 pdf attachments 620.00
  • Need help to set up a shopping basket with GoDaddy? We will load your basket for 5.00 per item. 
  • Need a book cover? We will design one for you $250.
  • If you already have a web site, we can increase the traffic for 25. per page.
  • Download PDF of Publishing Services

We can work with e-mail files in any language from anywhere in the world. Call or email Sheri Hauser (Owner/Publicist) with your specific publishing needs. 


 In 2015 we have 647 titles in nine languages and four countries. See our Authors Page for list of current authors and artists. Contact us at If you write; you can become a professional author.     

Glorybound Publishing

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Office Hours: Monday-Fri 9-5PM.


Phone: 928-600-4675

Glorybound has moved from the storefront office in Prescott Valley. Please contact us via email at for information and an appointment to publish your work. 


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