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Introducing a new Book cover by John Samson Teah entitled JT Bistro CookBook (Cuizine of the Verde Valley). Estimated release Christmas).


Wyona Holmes Jaffe is working on her new book, Jennie's Journal (1875 true story of a Verde Valley Pioneer). Estimated release Christmas. 

Sheri Hauser

Welcome to Glorybound Publishing

Books, Books, Books

If you have a book, we can help you get your book done! If you are caught in the tangled web of e-book verses bound book and the quagmire of editing and cover development, we can help. Bringing books from the desk to the market, some of our services include:
Pre Print Options (PDF for author services):
  • Marketing Consultation. We work out a personalized step by step plan for getting that book where you want it to go. 
  • Publish a book $200
  • We have an Artist Bank for authors to select art for their book
  • Cover Design and Book Back Cover options
  • Print Publishing Manuscript Compilation
  • Copyright Registration and ISBN Assignment
  • E Book File Compilation,  Proof Editing Copy Book and Professional Book Review

Sales Options (PDF for author services):
  • Anyone with a book can put it on our web site for immediate download. Does not need to be published with Glorybound. $9.95/yr (2 yr min)
  • We print and bind books. We can replicate an old book (one which has been in the family).
  • We make E-books from already printed books. ($199)
  • E-book DVD s are available for authors to sell ($1.19 each) 


Publishing Options for Business (download brochure)

Glorybound graphic artist can help you to design your logo, business cards, brochures, sign, table tent and Menu. Use the contact page for ordering a consult. OK if you do not live local to Camp Verde. We can work over the internet. 

  • Logo - $25
  • Design any project (brochure, business card, placard, sign) $5
  • Select from any of our papers or stickers $1 page