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 Mark Alan Baumgartner Discovering God's Tools for Discipleship 
Discovering God’s Tools for Discipleship 
Mark shares transparency in suffering, sins, and love for the Lord is drawn through analogy with garage tools. Book of devotionals by Pastor Mark Baumgartner.

Sharon Moyer  Explosive PRAYER 
Explosive Prayer  Subject of Prayer
She shares depths of prayers and personal encounters with King Jesus.  When Sharon  received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit ; there came an explosive power in her praise, and prayer life.  
 Outpouring of Healing  Restoring The Tabernacle of David
Outpouring of Healing
Outpouring of Healing is a composite of 12 writings by Sharon Moyer developed over 5 years encompassing subjects related
to healing through the Holy Spirit. 

Restoring the Tabernacle of David  (Book 3)  
Subject of the restoration of the glory of God for today. Sharon shares her experiences and biblical insight related to worship.

Dr. Samuel Olumoko  Daily Bible Study Tool 
Daily Bible Study Tool
This book is a very powerful tool that will help you get closer to God. The book includes: 
1. Examples
2. Gods Plan of Salvation
3. Daily Reading Schedule
4. Daily Bible Reading Diary 
Carol Ronek   You Are There A collection of short and simple, humorous, pithy and Biblical Christmas Plays for small groups of children, or even adults, suitable for any place from classroom, to family-room, to rec-room, to living-room, or any other room, at home, church, school, or club. 
 Mary Chastain  Mercy's Journey
Mercy’s Journey
The main character, Mercy caterpillar lives with nana joy. When she suddenly dies, he is left homeless with nowhere to go. It is an allegory about salvation. Art by Debra Schuck. 
 William Chu The Moon and the Stars Collection 
The Moon and the Stars Collection 
The book is in Chinese Language
A collection of poetry by William Chu.

 Simeon Folorunsho  Integrity
Integrity: The pathway to success in Life and Ministry
Pastor Simeon begins by defining the word ‘Integrity’ according Scriptures, then reviews areas which are crucial to demonstrating character of God within believer’s lives.  
 Pastor and Mrs. Gabriel  Once A Virgin
Once a Virgin
Maintaining chastity among young women and men this book outlines myths regarding sex prior to marriage. 

 The Folly Of The Young Prophet The Foul Of The Old Prophet 
The Folly Of The Young Prophet 
Unfolding costly mistakes of ministers and Christian and how to avoid it; using the story of the man of God from Judah (1 Kings 13). 

The Foul of the Old Prophet
Exposing the wicked acts of some ministers and others in life and ministry using the story of the old prophet who deceived the man of God from Judah; and how to deal with them {1 Kings 13}.

Sheri Hauser  Kapaseus  Kapaseus means ‘to be threaded’. It is very tight when thread passes through the needle, but it needs to happen. It is the difference between knowing where you want to be and where you are. In this world we see as though we are looking through a key hole into a room filled with everything we desire. 
 Miracule's  Prophetic Interpretation of Art Miracule’s On the 7 spirits of God given in Isaiah 11: Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Might, Counsel, Fear of the Lord, and Might. Incorporates 5 Holy Books: Tanakah, Christian New Testament, The Book of Mormon, the Catholic Bible and an Interpretation of the Qur’aan. 

Prophetic Interpretation of Art Sheri breaks ground with a new subject showing that art has hidden messages and they can be interpreted using the same principles as dream interpretation.

Hiding in the Dark  Sharing Ole lumpy 
Hiding in the Dark
This is a delightful story of a flock of sheep that do funny things when they are afraid the shepherd has left them for the night.

Sharing Ole Lumpy-Teacher
This is the teacher’s manual which accompanies the interactive play Sharing Ole Lumpy. It is packed with lessons around the theme of sharing. Part of the Hop-a-Log series of GBK Books for children.

Willie and Althea Jones  A Spiritual Marriage VS a Secular Relationship 
A Spiritual Marriage VS a Secular Relationship
Willie and Althea draw correlations between the Garden of Eden and marriage vows. Reverend Willie Jones performs weddings in Las Vegas.  
M. David King  The Internal Gospel 
The Internal Gospel
A mystical account of Christ manifest in the modern world; specifically, the Good News of a Messiah who embraces all religions if love of God (The Father) is alive and pulsating within their theological themes.  
 God and Science: The theory of Everything TOUCHDOWN for God: Play by Play 
God and Science
This piece of modern, scientific theory offers a hypothesis of life based on the Good Book of God as well as other cultures’ religious texts. The sublimity of pseudo-science gelled with axiomatic theories. Beautiful verse. 

Touchdown for God: Play by Play
A true tale of how one man pushes away his homo-erotic curiosity in order to pursue the perfection of a Majestic God.  Plus, a sport’s metaphor for living a life dedicated to the Christ by way of playing and praying hard.

 Kenneth King Understanding the Potency of the Vision 
Touchdown for God: Play by Play
A true tale of how one man pushes away his homo-erotic curiosity in order to pursue the perfection of a Majestic God.  Plus, a sport’s metaphor for living a life dedicated to the Christ by way of playing and praying hard. 
Karen McTague  My Heart Feels: My Soul Listens 
My Heart Feels; My Soul Listens
Karen shares stages of her life as she raised her daughter being a single parent showing how at each stage God was there for her to depend upon. Poetry and prose. 
 E. W. JR. Mohie Understanding the mystery behind Dreams 
Understanding the Mystery of Dreams: 
A Scriptural Analysis We must be sure that the one interpreting a dream is of God before we follow any instruction. Only God can reveal the future to his people, because he is a revealer of mysteries. 
 Robert Moyer Bulldog Faith  Bulldog Faith Without preparation we will never attain the assurance of the victory we have in our lives. In the preparation process it will consist of at least two elements, the one doing the preparing and the one being prepared. 
Lynette Simmons   Lord, Please Heal my Broken Heart  Lord, Please Heal my Broken Spirit 
Lynette found herself in a dark place as a result of the demise of her marriage to a Christian man after thirteen years. She received healing and makes it available to all those with suffer from a broken Spirit.

 Dennis Regan
Picture coming soon
Adventure of a Lifetime   Adventure of a Lifetime
Adventure of a Life Time is an action packed story of how one man learns to trust God amidst trying situations.
Karna Peck  Fantastic Flying Frog    Fantastic Flying Frog
(1-6 yr) a little frog, Soaker, needs to relocate because his pond is drying up. Two ducks help him. Story and art by Karna Peck. Hop-a-Log books for children.
Going to the Lake   My First Day of School  Going to the Lake
Join Emily and Ruby at the lake to visit their grandma and grandpa. What fun they have making mud pies, dancing to music and roasting marshmallows.

My First Day of School
My First Day of School  is designed to help children realize other kids may be sitting right next to them on the bus or in class who do not live in homes where they have help getting ready for school.

 Things That Make You Smile In The Garden  Noah  Things That Make You Smile In The Garden
If you enjoy the great outdoors and gardening, you will have a lot of snickers reading this delightful book. It was written for the garden club.

 (1-6 yr) a poetic book featuring the animals who went into Noah’s ark. Story and art by Karna Peck.

Ron Brown  The Golden Path   The Golden Path
Description coming soon.
Edelgard Strunk  Forever Friends   Forever Friends
Forever Friends is a story of a neighborhood dog who befriends a fox family... eventually leading to the entire neighbourhood becoming friends with them as well.
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