Artist/Illustrator,  Karna Peck (Karna Peck Originals) &
Publisher, Sheri Hauser (Glorybound Publishing)  
brings you:

Artists @ Work. Get your art out there! People are looking for you, but they can’t find you if you are not on line.

Connect artists with jobs and opportunities. A networking system for artists, education and employment.  

What Artists @ Work will do for you:
You will be given a web page within our web site at
Prospective Employers will be able to see your art in our Studio in the Artist @ Work Book
We will help you develop a professional artist portfolio
Our Web Master will enable on-line links
Our staff helps you create a profile that links you to appropriate jobs opportunities
How Much does it cost?
$3.00 per month (1 yr min= $36.00)

How do I get started?
Contact Karna Peck for more information. Ph 360-801-0424
Sign up on line at

Services Provided
Web page creation:
•    Need 6 pieces of art in a web specific format
•    Professional contact information
•    Artist biography
•    Educational profile

Artist Portfolio
•    Artist provides completed art projects with time line of completion
•    Personal Photograph and/or Business Logo 
•    Education and experience
•    Letters of recommendation and awards
•    Media Coverage

On Line Links
•    Link to email (set up if necessary)
•    Link to Facebook (set up if necessary)
•    Link to any affiliations associated with
•    Both ways

Educational Profiling
•    Schools attended
•    Art projects involved in
•    Organizational affiliations
•    Employment related to art talent
•    Self taught skills and time of experienced use
•    Skills willing to try (mural, graphic design, 3 dimensional)

Artist @Work Class Options
•    Business Card development
•    Logo development
•    Art Consistency Class
•    Contract and Copyright Class
•    Starting a Business 

Business Card Development
•    Logo or photo
•    1 to 3 art pieces
•    Points to web page
•    Personal e-mail
•    Contact number

Logo Development
•    Intensity of logo
•    Use options (card or tee shirt)

Art Consistency Class
•    Shows how to develop consistent art style in multi-development style
•    Illustrations for books
•    Series of commercial art for advertising

Contract and Copyright Class
•    Understanding Copyright Law
•    Understanding Contract
•    Understanding Reproduction rights

Starting a Business with a Budget
•    Logos and branding
•    Advertising
•    Manufacturing
•    Sales
•    Development
•    Professional Dressing
•    Business Economics
•    Adding Partnership

How do I get started?
Contact Karna Peck for more information. Ph 360-801-0424
Sign up on line at

Artist/Illustrator,  Karna Peck (Karna Peck Originals) &
Publisher, Sheri Hauser (Glorybound Publishing)  
brings you:

Author @ Work

Do you need art for your book? We can help. We have compiled a bank of talented professional artists who are eager to work for you. 

Glorybound Publishing and Karna Peck Originals have combined to enable authors and artists to provide quality books. If you want REAL art in your book, then this is for you!

What Artists @ Work will do for you:
Have an option of selecting a professional artist for your book art.
Be presented with all of the art along the way.
Get your book done in a timely fashion.
Own the copyright for all of the art.
Cost contained by Artist @ Work program parameters.

How do I get started?
Contact Sheri Hauser for more information. Ph 928-567-3340
Sign up using the contact page.

How the Program Works
Meet with the Publisher at Glorybound for Publishing Market Consultation.
*Review options for publishing, printing, sales, marketing, etc. 

Decide to have Glorybound assist with the publishing of your book. You keep all of the royalty when you publish with us!

Edit manuscript and decide where pictures are needed. Additional charge for formatting book.

Review Artist Portfolios to select an artist which matches the desire you have for your book. You are not limited to one artist, but may select more than one. 

Contract with the Artist through Artist @ Work program to do illustrations for the book. 

Artist will do Thumb Print Sketches of the entire book as the pages have been specified in your design (with the Publisher).

Approve of the Thumb Print Sketches. It is important the artist portrays the book appropriately. At any time during the entire process, the author may release the artist (fire him/her) if the author feels the book is not being portrayed appropriately. 

Once the author approves of the sketches, then the artist will continue to make full size illustrations one at a time. Each Illustration must be approved prior to doing the next one. 

Each illustration will be completed within two days and the author must provide notification to the artist to continue doing the art for the following page of the book. 

Specifics of the Program

The initial Thumb Print Sketches will cost 100.00
Each piece is 100.00 and payable at the completion of the piece. Artists are contracted for 7 pieces, total and one is used for the cover of the book. If the author does not approve of one of the pieces, he/she may request the artist to re-do that piece. There is one re-do included in the basic book package. Additional re-do’s may be purchased for 100.00. Entire cost is 800 for original art!

Author signs off the copyright to the art, but still holds recognition for the pieces. He/she will have their signature on each piece of art and on the front of the book as an artist, but will not receive any monetary gain from the sale of the book. All of the original pieces will become the property of the author because he/she purchases them. 

At any time, the author may opt to fire the artist and may opt to select a different artist. The author is an employer of the artist through the Artist@Work program. KPO will oversee the artist and Glorybound will oversee the author to ensure positive outcome and a great book!

Glorybound Publishing