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Miraculeś Book Review

Miraculeś by Sheri Hauser, Las Vegas, Glorybound Publishing, 2008, 238 pages.  Reviewed by Editors of Glorybound Publishing.  ISBN 978-0-9779654-2-7. Available  as e-book $3.49 and bound book $19.95 (signed and numbered) at  .
Author: Sheri Hauser, expert writer of over 20 books Dream Books on the subject of ‘hearing the voice of God’. The Dream Books are unique in that their content is given in dreams (to her) and interpreted using the Bible. Through the leading of dreams, she has written over 50 books (total) and grown a publishing company with over 650 books and 9 languages.

Genre: Miraculeś is a Spiritual Book written for those who are trying to figure out who they are created to be. It is possible to ask the creator what our purpose is; and then walk into that purpose. This insures the greatest satisfaction in life.

Title: Miraculeś is a name. It means ‘mirror accolade’. When we are willing to allow God to show us who He is (look in His mirror) then He will show us who we are; or how we reflect Him (mirror the creator). Then, we can walk into who we are intended to be and become an accolade to the world. We will be ‘knighted’ like a knight presented by a King. This is a miracle…so it is the name of the work.

Cover: Miraculeś is an amazing work of art; from front to back. The cover is original painting from Sheri’s sister, Karna Peck. It depicts the open door to God’s garden; or understanding of who we are when we are grown into what we are intended to be. There are 3 additional paintings within the book from KPO (Karna Peck Originals).

 In Brief: Miraculeś is a book which teaches that our image of who God is, directs our image of who we are, according to Him. If we allow Him to show us who He is, then He will show us who we are. This book reviews the influences which we have telling us who we are and shows that we can learn to listen to the voice of God which will tell us who we are and who we should be. Miraculeś reviews the seven spirits of God: wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, fear of the Lord, presence, counsel, and might which are given in Isaiah 11 and shows how the Holy Spirit wants to flow through us with this same Spirit giving direction. It includes references from 7 holy books; Tanakah (Jewish), Qur’aan (Islam), The Book of Mormon (Mormon), Holy Catholic Bible (Catholic), Old Testament, Christian New Testament. The book is written from dreams interpreted by the author with added supporting data from the holy books after a great deal of study with experts of the faith, attending the religious services and taking time to understand the perspective of the holy books in relation to the religion. Most importantly, when the work was completed it was ‘signed off’ by leaders of all of these faiths! They all believe that if you ask the Creator what your intended purpose is; and attempt to walk into that divine purpose, it will give the greatest satisfaction. The book does not proselytize to any specific religion. The inclusion of the references from 7 holy books is meant to be a bridge from the individual’s present understanding to a deeper understanding of who he/she can be when the Creator is personally asked and we learn to hear properly.

 The prelude: Miracule’s is a book that I have already written once, but have been instructed to write again, a chapter at a time, on line. The emphasis of the book is to know God. We can only know someone by who we think them to be. Our image of God directs who we know to be ‘God’.

And, Miracule’s takes it a step further by saying that we reflect the image of God that we have. If we rely upon the image of God which has been taught to us by others, then this is the reflection which we will show to others. For example, if our image of God is one who only answers prayers after much contemplated prayer, then we will be one who spends a lot of time in prayer because that is what we have come to expect.

But, the book reveals that God wants to tell us who He is. How can this be possible? God is speaking and we need to learn to open our hearts to listen to Him. He speaks into our spirit through our heart. This is the miracle of God who is revealed to each of us individually.

Miracule’s is written from dreams which have been opened using the presence of God, and several Holy Books including translations of the Hebrew-English Tanakah, the Book of Mormon, the Qur’aan, and New American Catholic Bible.

The goal of this book is not to convert individuals to any specific religion, but to open up our understanding how to hear God’s voice for ourselves within whatever group we live. Think of it like this: each of us has been given a piece of paper {symbolic of our ideas concerning who God is}. None of us has a whole piece of paper because there is no way we could totally understand Him. So, each of us is missing parts of the paper: some more than others. How would I know which piece of your paper is missing and how would you know which piece of mine is not there? Many think that we can ‘straighten’ up others by planting them into ‘our pot’. But, the message of Miracule’s is that God want to feed us all in the pot where we have been planted.

We each reflect Him in our own special way. But, how can we know what that is if we can’t figure out who He is? Miracule’s walks the reader into the secret garden of understanding things of a spiritual nature which is very different from understanding things of the physical nature.

We cannot come to any type of understanding of God using our mind; it doesn’t work. We must put the puzzle together using the pieces He has given. It’s His puzzle, not ours. So why not ask Him to provide the pieces necessary to build the picture the way it was intended?

Welcome to Miracule’s.

The book:  (Taken from prelude to the book penned by the author.) This book is for those who know that there is a wall between them and God; they know there is a wall between where they are and where they want to be. Because, perhaps, after looking over all the book titles, you feel overwhelmed because you are still on the other side of the wall. And, like a college student looking to receive a degree in a few years, you feel you can’t wait that long. You have a burning in your chest that won’t let you rest.
Your soul is starving. And, you have been so long without food that you have looked for other things to eat.  But, what they have fed you is the cardboard box instead of the Cheerios. And, you look at them chewing on their own cardboard with plastic smiles on their faces and wonder, “Certainly they know.” For, they are filled, but not satisfied. And, if you find that you are surrounded with good things. If you have a nice family, decent job and comfortable living conditions, yet are miserable; this book is for you.

But, before I pour Cheerios into your bowl, let’s see if you’re ready. Maybe you’re not. Here are a few questions to test your soul. Your soul is like a roast cooking in a pot. It starts out tough as can be, then, becomes tender. It doesn’t start out being tender. We are all at different degrees of tenderness in our relationship with God. Many times we need to get back into the pot and simmer some more before we are ready to be served and serve others. The tenderness of your soul is not anyone else’s responsibility; and they can’t do it anyway. It is yours.

We would like to think that it is God’s responsibility to make our soul tender to Him and others. Sometimes, like a pot roast, we assume that ‘over time’ we will become tender. That’s not true: If the cut of meat is bad, time won’t change it. If our soul is ‘bad’ time only preserves it for later.

Oh, and we think, “Add some seasonings and certainly this roast will become tender.”

So, we add. We add religious meetings, scripture study, memorization, and discipline.  We add things to help tenderize our soul. And, we reason, that over time, through seasons of study and discipline, we will become tender to God.

But, this doesn’t work. So, we leave conventional religion and go seeking. Still we are looking for the Cheerios that we know are in that box: it says so in the cover. We are believed that we were looking for the ‘presence of God’ and, certainly, ‘God is not in this religion’, so we jump from one pot to the next. Sometimes we choose a bigger pot, and sometimes a smaller one. {Bigger group of followers}But a pot is a pot and we are bound by external elements which are out of our control.

What I have found is that we have a garden which our soul is grown in. Oh what wonderful plants, rockeries and statues are in that garden! It is a wonderful place. But, we don’t know how to sit and enjoy that garden because we keep looking over the fence at the neighbor’s.

We need to learn to be content in our own garden. We need to pull our own weeds and tend our bushes when they get out of control. {That is what all these books are on.} And, if you diligently read all these books, your garden will be in pretty good shape.
Chapter 1 is ‘Our Need’ focuses on our need to know who we are. Sheri talks about her personal desolation searching for God …. I followed my own ideas of who God was. I built an image of what who God was. Then, I paid tribute to it. I sacrificed to my golden calf. I set it high on a pedestal and encouraged those around me to serve it. But, it was not true, because it was an image that I built myself. I had taken all of the ideas that I held precious, all of my precious gold jewelry and formed a beast. It never gave me anything back. It was a cow that gives no milk; barren, just like the desert. It only stood in my path preventing me from going the direction that I was supposed to go.
At some point, she stopped and cried out to God. This is what follows the cry… I cried out with everything I had. And I still do. I cry to my Creator for His mercy is everlasting and He does not withhold His love to us.
We need only to ask forgiveness from our Lord; for He is oft-forgiving; He will send rain to you in abundance. [Surah 71.10,11  Qur’aan]

The first chapter clearly identifies the need and draws references from all of the Holy Books.
Chapter 2 is ‘His House’. This chapter speaks about where we must go to learn who we are. Here is an excerpt…. The highway is hearing the voice of God.  The road must be prepared.  The obstacles must be removed out of the way for God’s people.  God’s voice calls to prepare His people for the way, the straight way in the wilderness, a highway for our God. (Isaiah 40.3) Tanakah
We cannot go there.  His voice comes to us.  When we hear the low tones, it is the gentle voice within our spirit.  The things of God that are too lofty, magnificent and awesome God will bring to our level of understanding.  His thundering voice He will make to be at our level; a level of understanding.

Certainly Moses knew God and went to His house.
Pieces in this chapter include ‘Paving the Road’ and ‘Light for our Path’. It speaks of the light road with illumination on how to get on that road we need to be on focusing on the grace, love and mercy of God. Chapter 2 closes with a beautiful pencil drawing of a rose by Karna Peck.
Chapter 3 is ‘Seven Spirits of God’. The seven Spirits of God which are outlined in Isaiah are the presence, the Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Might, Power, Knowledge, and the Fear of the Lord. This chapter expands the reader’s personal understanding of who God is. Believe me, this is not a book for those stuck in a religion! It is for those willing to go beyond and find God for themselves.
Sheri recount a time she interprets a dream from a Hindu lady. Here is an excerpt …. Again, let me relate a story of a recent encounter with a Hindu lady. She came to me with a dream. In the dream she sees the face of another {statue} embedded in the face of  the God which her family worships {this statue in the place of worship. For, in their place of worship there are many statues.} In the dream, others don’t see it but she does. Then she prays for power to be given to her which will bring healing and comfort to many and it is given to her.
I interpreted the dream this way: Within the God which you worship, He is showing you a different face.
Then, I asked her the names of the Gods. She said that the God which her family worships is one that was incarnate (meaning that he was a man at one time, but remained God) and the other  God represents ‘Sustaining Life’. 
So, I further interpreted her dream this way: Within the God which you worship, God wants you to see His face as the one who sustains life and brings the power to heal and comfort. {It is like seeing another face of God, but in essence it is the same God only from a different vantage point.}
Chapter 4 is ‘Our Need and His Merge’.  This chapter focus is on the process whereby God has made allowance for us to understand Him and ourselves. I will not give away the secret…you need to read the book.
Chapter 5 is ‘Song of Songs’. This relates to Song of Solomon and the love story which is played out daily to those willing to entrust themselves to getting to know God on His terms. We just need to realize those terms and become willing to be part of the relationship. Chapter 5 tells how to do it.

Sheri’s book is a rare work; amazing, inspirational and thought provoking. Few are willing to study the holy books well enough to reference them. The book evidences itself in that the assignment was given by God to her…and she gets a gold ribbon. It is a classic read for religious studies and poetic prose students. The book is multidimensional. Many of the poetry works are shaped as goblets. Where the piece comes together—or you can get a hold of it; the shape literally comes together. The book is a weaving of dreams, Song of Solomon, Proverbs, Ecclesiastics and inspirational writings. It is book number four in a series of Dream Books entitled ‘Steps in the Garden of Intimacy with God’. Type your paragraph here.

The Dream Books

 My Books are unique in that they are written from dreams and are connected to one another. The primary connecting thread is interactive prayer with God. We all desire for our prayers to be answered. The power to answer prayer is in God’s hands. What if we asked Him what He wants, and then requested His desire? What we would be doing is praying into God’s will rather than guessing and hoping for the outcome. We would have surety of the answer. This is precisely what I have done when I published all of my own books and grew a company; I asked God for His desires, and then prayed into them. He made them to happen because, after all, He’s God. That is when miracles happen.

Let me give you some insight into the degree of miracle He has done through me; In 2001 I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. After that, I would spend several hours a week in the desert praying and seeking the presence of God’s glory.  I began to have dreams and visions which could be related to specific Scriptures in the Bible. What I recognized was that I was actually receiving coded messages, which were the answer to my prayers for guidance to find the presence of God and experience His true glory. I took the dreams and visions back to Him in prayer asking for the answers, then I filled in the blanks to the questions which I had asked in the first place. It was never my intention to write books related to the subject of prayer. What happened is that, because I copied the dreams at night and they were messy to read, I began to transcribe them into the computer. After about a year of doing this, I was given a dream with clear direction to put the collection of dreams with their instructional interpretations into a book.

After prayer and fasting, one book was put together. That first book was called Miracle’s. The title was given to me in the form of a spirit language called “tongues”. The interpretation of the title was also given to me. What the word says if you pronounce it slowly is ‘mirror accolades’. What it means is that when we allow God to show us who He really is, then He will also show us who we really are. Only then will we see how we are to glorify Him; then we will be honored like a knight receives an honor from a Queen. As we kneel before the presence of who He is as He shows it to us, and embrace that vision, He will put a sword to our shoulder and declare us to be an honored part of His Kingdom. Then, we will fulfill the name ‘Miracle’s’ because we will, by His power working through our lives, become walking, breathing miracles.

After more fasting, this book was divided into four books. It has become like bread in a basket for me in that, each time I reach my hand to share with others, more bread is produced. So in essence, I only have been given one book, but by being willing to share, it has multiplied to feed many. The books are on different subjects all related to the same topic. I trust you will find the answer to your questions, not in my books, but as my books teach you to ask the right questions and listen for the answer in a way that you can understand enough to pray it in for yourself. Then, you too, will receive your miracle’s.

12 Stepping Stones to the Garden

Ten books which are a series of growing in intimacy with God. These books are written from dreams. The dreams were given over a period of around 6 months or so. As they were received, I carefully interpreted them using Scriptures. Then I was given an outline dream. The dreams of the specific subject were then put into the outline. That forms the DREAM BOOKS. There are more than 12 DREAM BOOKS but these are the 12 which make up the Steps in the Garden. Initially all of the books were as one giant book. Then as I received more dreams of direction the books began to split; first into four, then into 12 (like bread raising in a bowl) they grew over time within the right environment. The first main book was Miracules. It split into what became the first four books: Miracules, Katisha, Tomasena and Corianta. I was instructed to turn over the stack and release them. So, I released Corianta having it professionally edited and printed at a cost of $37,000. By the time I got to Tomasena, I realized that the books were reproducing at an alarming rate and I would never have enough money to print them conventionally, so I asked God if I could have a publishing company.
He said, “Sure.”
I quickly responded, “I don’t know anything about a publishing company.”
His response, “That’s OK. It will come in a box with instructions.”
I quickly called the guy who put together my first book and then ordered the computer program which he specified as the one for making books. Guess what? It came in a box with instructions. (Smile)
I embarked to study every aspect of publishing and learned over 12 software options over a period of around 4 years all the time writing my own books. I released Tomasena and Katisha, but when I came to Miracules I gave it to God as a first-fruit offering because it had been my first book written. Like a first-born child I donated it back to God.
To my surprise, He kept it and said, “Thank You.”
Then, He gave me another series of dreams instructing me on how to split Miracules like a piece of paper on the cutting edge. After about 9 months of extensive study (If you read the book you will see why it took so long) the book was split to become two books; Miracules and Pillow Talk.
Then I went on to release the rest of the books which are on growing in the gifts and calling of the Holy Spirit.

Coríanta, Tomaseña, Katísha, Miraculeś, Pillow Talk, Camezia Reptidad, Sinactía Empezia,  Festevía, Kapaseus, Firefly, Seedlings, Wedding Service. your paragraph here.