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Everybody wants to have fun and dreams are a lot of fun. They are riddles given into our minds. Like the message written on the end of a Popsicle stick, we have to eat the ice cream to get to it. We are uncertain who is behind the messages, but nobody can deny that they play games with our minds. Is it our own subconscious mind, a reaction to our environment, or an attempt from a source outside ourselves to speak to us? Are our dreams an attempt of our mind to put together the pieces that we are unable to piece in the daytime? And, what about dreaming about those who are passed on: Does dreaming about them mean that they are attempting to deliver a message to us?  

Many times, it seems like we are playing child like games in our sleep. We play ‘Life’ or ‘Pick up Stix’. They have a cartoon quality about them that is impossible to replicate in real life. We jettison from cars to boats to outer space easily. People are called in from several years of our life and end up in the same room. Time and space is immaterial in dreams. We may all of a sudden be beautiful or fat depending on the story. And, what about nightmares: where do they fit into our lives? Sometimes the creatures in the nightmare become so real that they pull people out of bed. I have three friends who have been pulled out of bed in the midst of their dreams. Still, others have been choked, bruised and injured while they sleep. What’s with that?     

These dreams don’t seem like games, but an attempt to scare and harm those having them. And, the individuals have no control over their sleeping visions, or certainly, they would stop them. Are they at the mercy of an outside force, or is there some deep seated evil within their personality that is coming out at night?

     This book is a light hearted look at dreams. As I have studied and interpreted thousands of dreams, writing 14 books to date, all from dreams, I am about as close as it comes to be­ing an expert on the subject.

     Enjoy the book, learn to interpret your dream, see how to avoid nightmares, and gain insight into what they mean for you and others. Have fun at this adult party where kids’ games are played. 


Dreams are given as pictures into our mind while we sleep. It is amazing that when we are asleep, it talks. Everyone dreams. Some dream more than others. I have even seen my dog lying asleep on the kitchen rug, looking like he was dreaming running after a bunny or something. His voice wines and his little legs start to move like he is running. It certainly looks like he is dreaming.

And, nearly everyone has had dreams where they nearly wet their pants. My brother got up once and went to the bathroom in the closet thinking it was the bathroom. What is that about? Certainly, he must have been dreaming.

 And, there are times when we wake up in a fright or screaming having entered into a story that makes our heart pound. How we never loose who we are even though we may be at a different age while in the dream. Sometimes we float over the dream; even hovering over ourselves while the movie unfolds on the screen of our mind.

This book is not meant to be a cook book on dreams because it is impossible to cook up a recipe for your dream. What enters into your mind is as individual as you are. But, what this book attempts to convey is that there are similarities with dreams and that they can be figured out. I know. I do. From where I sit I can count 15 books I am writing; all from messages I received in dreams. You are welcome to read many of them on-line under the web site www.gloryboundpublishing.com.

     It would be silly for me to defend the aspect that dreams are important. Certainly, most know of situations where dreams provided guidance to people averting them from a hazard, providing direction to a great invention, or helping to solve a problem they were facing. Most people I talk to about dreams have an experience where they followed a message in a dream with a positive outcome.

Reality vs. cartoons      

Dreams are interesting in that they come in all forms. I love them. We can fly and sail through the air without wings. The other day someone told me of a dream she had where she was a whale swimming the ocean all night. (I don’t have any idea what that’s about, so don’t ask.) I have had dreams where I am ‘outside’ the dream looking in on myself while I do something. I had someone tell me of a dream where he was ‘floating’ above a surgical team performing surgery on him. Good thing it was a dream.       

I think that if there is encouragement to be given, I would say, “Don’t think that your dreams are any weirder than the next person.”

Some really spiritual people have funky dreams. What I am attempting to do is give insight into figuring some of them out. There will be dreams which you will never figure out; I have many. But, if you try, you will find that you will be able to unravel the mystery in most. Think of them as the corny jokes in the bubble gum rappers; they are just riddles that need to be unwrapped and chewed on a while to get the flavor.  

Dreams are impressions given into our mind. They are like the imprints on wood made by a wood burning set; the message is ‘burned’ into our mind. Some leave a deeper impression than others. It’s like the stamps they give when you go to an out door concert. You know, when they stamp your hand as you wander around the concert?  Some leave a clearer picture then others. And, some fade away, almost immediately after they are stamped.       

Nearly everyone has a dream that they can remember from a long time ago. It left a ‘deep’ impression and they are able to recite it as if the dream was last night.       

Still, others are like a wisp on your hand. These are like a concert stamp that was out of ink. I think of it like catching a fish. Sometimes when you hook him, he gets off the hook right when he reaches the surface of the water. Many times I have a dream and just as I am waking up, it ‘swims off’. I am not able to ‘hook’ it well enough to remember it to copy it down. In this whole dream thing, there is a high percentage of fish that get away. Don’t worry about it. Just try to ‘set the hook’ and reel in whatever you can.        

It doesn’t do any good to remember the dream, yet neglect to write it down. A dream that isn’t written down looses its meaning because a lot of the message is in the words of the dream, not the pictures. If you don’t write down the words, you will only have a portion of the true intent of the dream later on. 

You can read the entire book or fill in the contact form below to have your dream interpreted by Sheri free of charge. 

I. Neon Signs

Dreams  come like threads into our minds. We need to figure out how to weave them like the fabric on a lawn chair, to make a place where we can sit. They are a web, but not one meant to capture us. Remember, they are given when we rest. Only when we figure out how to not get caught up in the web, but sit on it, can we rest.

 Dreams are usually pictures, but sometimes they can be only words or impressions. Generally there is a story that is told and we may be part of the story or a bystander. Sometimes we manipulate the dream while we are within it as if we are awake and able to change the outcome of events.

It is as if a screen is dropped down in front of us and we watch the pictures without being able to direct the events. We are given a movie. Sometimes, we become tired after a dream because it is as if we have lived it. Other times we dream about people we barely know and the dreams are erotic, so we wonder if it will lead to illicit affairs.

     Everyone dreams, but we each have varying degrees of being able to remember them. Dreams are like impressions into our brain; like a wood burning set. They are impressed into our skull. I think of it like when we go to a concert and our hand is stamped: some stamps are clearer and leave a deeper impression than others. All of us can remember a dream we had as a small child because it has left such a deep impression on our brain.      

Dreams put us in touch with an area that we can’t touch when we are awake. They tell us about our sub conscious state. We have three parts to our matrix. We have a mind, a body and a soul. The mind is what we use to make decisions with.

Usually, we direct our behavior with our mind. The body is what we live within. You know, it is that part of us that each of us tries to change so that it looks better. We nip and tuck it, bathe and clothe it, exercise and excuse it: our body. The soul is often ignored. I have found that the ones that are the most in touch with their souls are those that have touched death and come back. Anyone with drug experiences can tell you about his soul because he has met God.

Those who have fought the demons of depression and suicide will tell you about the spirit world because they have met it face to face.   

Dreams come to us from a place we know nothing about and bring us to a place we know less about; the place of beyond our imagination; a place of the spiritual nature. I dare you to meet this place with your consciousness. For, what I encourage you to do is bring the sub consciousness of the spirit world to the conscious. 

Dreams are one of our connections to God. When we learn how to convert that energy into usable forms, we can use it in our houses. There needs to be an energy conversion for us to be able to connect the messages for daily use.    

If we have no control over dreams, then they don’t come from us. We all have dreams that we would rather not have. Why would we put ourselves into a place we hate? We wouldn’t. I maintain dreams come from the other side: the spirit side of the world we live in. God is the one who gives the dreams to us.

     There are over 100 references to dreams in the Bible. The New Testament starts and ends with a dream. Mary was given dreams telling her to birth Jesus. Joseph was given dreams telling him to hide Jesus from the wicked rulers at that time. And, remember, Pilot’s wife had a dream about Jesus when He was on the cross telling her that He was a godly man. Pilot responded to her dream and washed his hands of the blood of Jesus in front of the crowd.

So, I encourage you, if you are curious about your dreams, to consider this as an option. If God spoke to them, why wouldn’t He continue to speak to us today?

I maintain that He is speaking, but we don’t recognize the impulses because we don’t know how. We know that they are coming; because like sitting on an electric fence, we all know that the dreams we are having mean something, yet we are not sure what. I do….let me roll the carpet out for you.

If God created the world, then He is everyone’s Father. And, if He is everyone’s Father, then He cares. Is it far fetched to think that, as a Father, He would care about what we do?

But, to think that He would care enough to give each of us impulses into our brains to tell us stuff is pushing things, a bit, you say…. Keep listening.

We all know who our mother is, but none of us can be sure who our father is. Why? We can’t be sure who our father is because he provides the seed, but doesn’t give birth to us. The mother has to stay with us until we are born, but the father doesn’t.     

How do you know that God isn’t your Father in a spiritual way? If there are only two fathers; the father called the Devil and the father called God, then how do we know who is ours?     

I have studied dreams extensively for the past five years and have not found one dream that I felt was from the Devil. I believe that all dreams come from God. I don’t think He turned over this realm to the Devil.   

So, I don’t really think it matters whether or not a person is a Christian, claiming God as his Father, for God to speak into his mind with dreams. Remember, Satan did not create the world. He is not the father of it. We give him far more credit, sometimes, than he deserves.

Timing of dream

One of the mistakes that I see fairly often is people mix real life with the dream. It skews the interpretation. When they ask me to help interpret their dream, I ask them to say the dream while I write it down. Quite often, they will finish the dream then tell me of the events leading up to the dream and after. What they are doing is attempting to interpret their dream according to events. That is a backwards way to get to the meaning of the dream.

Let me show you what I mean: Suppose a woman who is pregnant has an ultrasound of her baby which shows that it is a girl, then that night dreams of a boy baby who drives a car. What she may be tempted to do is think that the dream is telling her the sex of her baby because she had an ultrasound the day before.

What she has done is allow events to skew the interpretation of the dream. A more true interpretation of the dream would be to begin with some questions related to the dream such as: What does a ‘baby’ represent?

You see, very rarely are dreams literal in language or character. They are analogies and ‘pictures’ of ‘like’ items. For instance, a baby is something that is ‘birthed’. So a ‘baby’ could be a vision, a dream, a desire, or a plan that is brought through the birth canal to say, “hi’.

 A more clear interpretation would go something like this: The baby boy could represent a ‘small male’ or ‘small mail’, driving a car could represent ‘using the vehicle; the way. So, more accurately, the interpretation would have something to do with ‘something new leading the way’ like a new idea, or vision; a message that needs to be delivered. (like a baby) 

II. Now playing:

Truth & Reality

A dream is a sign.

I usually have about five dreams a night. I wake up and write them down on through the night. Some dreams are more real than others, for sure. The dreams that are more real, are the ones that are meant to leave a deeper impression. They come more clearly because they are supposed to. On the freeway, they put larger signs along the road to help direct us to areas of greater importance.

The signs to cities are larger than the exit signs to gas stations. If there is an area of greater importance, then God will attempt to direct us in a big way. This will come to us in a dream with greater clarity. The problem is that we remember the dream, but we don’t know how to get the message from it. Like a freeway sign in a foreign language, it doesn’t mean anything to us if we don’t understand its intention.

The sign isn’t the destination, but that which is to be followed to reach the point of your desire. You would never think of stopping at the sign unless you need to refocus on it in order to see more clearly where it is telling you to go.

A dream provides directions to somewhere, but it isn’t the final stop. The dream may say to turn right: do we stop at the sign or continue to proceed in the direction we were instructed?

We don’t walk into the dream, but use the dream as a tool to help us keep on the right path. And, many times, one sign leads to another until we reach the final destination. Each time we are willing to pass beyond the dream; walk by it using it for direction, we have stepped out in faith. Because, we have no true assurance that what the sign says is true.

     The assurance of truth lies within our belief of who provided the signs. Why would someone put signs along a road if not for those that will pass by to give them direction?


When a dream is a dream

At what point does a dream become a dream? Who knows? It really doesn’t matter because the same principles apply when interpreting visions. A vision is a picture that comes into your mind while you are awake. Sometimes it moves, but usually it is a still life shot. I think of them like a ‘watermark’ on a piece of stationery: The picture is behind whatever is going on.

If you start talking to your visions, then they are becoming too real and you might need medication. Actually, in the hospital setting, most commonly we see those going through withdraws of alcohol having ‘visions’ that they actually attempt to walk into. They ‘see’ the bartender and ask him for another drink. They tear their clothes off and pea on themselves. It’s not pretty. Usually it lasts about three days and the individual doesn’t remember those three days. I would not call these dreams. They are psychotic episodes induced by alcohol withdrawal.

 And, I guess if you sit and think long enough you can change the course of your thinking and ‘make yourself’ dream what ever you want. The other day someone was telling me about a class on ‘directing the outcome of your dream’. That is a novel idea, but it doesn’t hold much water because it isn’t true. How many times have you dreamt about your old lover when you didn’t want to?


Dreams and Goals

There is a correlation between daytime dreams and night time dreams and if we can figure out the connection, then we will get closer to what we desire. I think of daytime dreams as ‘our heart desires’. My father wants a 45 foot yacht. It’s been his dream ever since he owned one in his younger years. But, I don’t think he dreams at night about it. It’s a daytime dream.

I have a dream of interpreting my books into several foreign languages. This is a daytime dream. But, this dream is different from my father’s dream in that it was a dream that I was given at night which I grasped and pushed into the daytime.      

The question is whose dreams are whose? If God is the one who gives us dreams, then whose are they? Are they His or ours? Do we own them because they are shown onto the screen of our mind or are they His which He loaned us for a reason.

It’s like taking someone on a date to a movie. Just because we go with Him to see the movie, doesn’t mean that we own it. It is His movie, not ours.

     One of the things He told me is, “What makes you think that I’m not interested in your dreams?”    

I think when we are trying to do what God wants us to do, we feel that we must give up our dreams and pursue His. We hope that His ideas are better than ours and that they are designed to make us happy. But, somehow, it gives the idea of eating vegetables: They are good for us, but not necessarily tasty.

What I have seen as I pursue the subject of dreams is that God desires an interactive relationship which spans from daytime to night time. He cares about our dreams at night and at the daytime and just because they came from us, doesn’t make Him discount them as a possibility. It’s like your child wanting dessert. You don’t deliberately keep it from him and make him eat only vegetables. I believe God is the same way; He doesn’t mind if we have dessert as long as we eat our meal. It’s like when He gives a dream in the night and we follow the message (that is our meal) and then we ask Him to help fulfill our daytime dreams (that is the dessert). I don’t think of Him as a stingy Santa Clause, but someone who cares.

My husband and I work out of the same bank account. We pay the bills, then when we have money left over; either of us may use it for whatever we want.

Our relationship is interactive and we support the same things. There is a similarity between this analogy in that our relationship with God should be interactive and working out of the same account. We only have so many daytime and night time hours. He can make deposits into our account at night and we can make deposits into His account during the day. But, like the relationship with my husband, if I use all of the money all the time, then there is none for him. The correlation continues; in that if I only use God’s dreams and tell Him none of mine, then the relationship is uneven. Or, if I forget to honor His dreams, yet bombard Him with mine, I use up all the funds in the dream bank.        

What I have found is that when I recognize my night time dreams as being messages from God and talk with Him about them, He shows the answers. These dreams become pretty good ideas of ways to walk into the dreams that I have. He seems to have a way of directing me to make my dreams grow bigger than I projected. Dove Dreams Fly is the story of my night time dreams which I had during the time I wrote Coríanta. The dreams show a progression of leading. I give the dream and tell what I did to try to follow the message of the dream. Then I give the outcome which led me to build the business of Glory Bound Books Ltd.