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Ba Ba Verde La by Sheri Hauser with art by Karna Peck

Ba Ba Verde La (1-6 yr) a book about a lamb that is born green and learns how special he can become when he learns from the shepherd. The book comes with green Suffolk Sheep Wool in an organza bag. SH-8183 available in G (6.95) , J (9.95) and F (34.95)...send us a contact form and we will email it to you. Too big to attach here...

Dream Dancing with Dad. 
Heart warming allegory related to how God brings us dreams that sometimes we cannot recall. SH-2618. available in G (6.95) , J (9.95) 

Pocket Tools for Bonding by Mark Baumgartner
Mark gives insight with his collection of devotions related to bonding with God. Notice how everything relates to being a tool in His hand. MB-318-9 $2.50

Dove Dreams Fly by Sheri hauser with art by Karna Peck

Dove Dreams Fly is the inside story of how Sheri followed the dreams and learned every thing to hatch a publishing corporation. This book is different from her other books in that these dreams aren’t meant as prayer teaching lessons, but directions to building a business. SH-8111. 19.95

Tomasena by Sheri Hauser with art by Karna Peck

Tomaseña Written from dreams and visions interpreted to become a teaching tool for others to hear the voice of God. It is an open door to understanding messages which come from heaven by the extension of faith. Dreams, visions and prophecy provide a guidance, correction, deliverance and encouragement. SH-1832. 19.95

Once a Virginby EOF and Temitope Gabriel.

Maintaining chastity among young women and men this book outlines myths regarding sex prior to marriage.

GOA 282-3. 7.95

Living a Separated Life by Dr. Samual Olumoko. One of a series of small booklets designed to be read on the run derived from sermons . bklt 2.50

Butterflies on Fire by Rev. Sharon Moyer is one of her Holy Spirit booklets on the glory of God. 

Free Books 6-22-2015

Tomasena by Sheri Hauser

Dove Dreams Fly by Sheri Hauser

Pocket Tools for Bonding by Pastor Mark Baumgartner

Once a Virgin by EOF and Temitope Gabriel

BaBa Verde La by Sheri Hauser with art by Karna Peck

Dream Dancing by Sheri Hauser

Living a Separated Life by Dr. Samuel Olumoko