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Glorybound Christian Writer’s Association

Glorybound Christian Writer’s Association is sponsored by Glorybound Publishing; the largest Christian Publisher in Arizona with some 650 books in the year 2017. They specialize in spiritual books and Children’s books with moral fiber. Many of the authors and artists have released several books and are willing to share their knowledge with budding authors and artists to help them get on the right track with their writing and artistic skills. 

Christian Writer’s Association 

Digital formatting of manuscript
Laser printing related to building books
Building a book cover
Art formats for publishing and web
Integration of art with fonts
Flow of the manuscript
Legal aspects of art and writing
Copyright registration
ISBN registration and cover upload
Building books (10 formats)
Binding books (6 bindings with a lab)
ISBN Bar Code development
Business Card Lab (with options to print.)
Brochure development 
Setting up a web site (Godaddy)
Menu development

The meetings are held in various locations (usually libraries) with the goal of enabling as many as possible to attend. Encouraged for writers and artists to bring their lap-top and appropriate software as recommended for the class. See web site GBWA Class  Description for details. Register on line at the store and confirmation e-mail will be sent insuring there is room available. Pay on-line once confirmation of availability is received. Sessions are 45 min-70 min. Many have a lab which enables the participants to print off the book, business card, or menu (project) and bind it on site (using Glorybound Publishing equipment). 
A ‘Loaded Lap Top’ may be reserved  by emailing and rented for the session. Cost is $25.00 per hour. The Loaded Lap Top will contain all of the active programs needed to do the class. Bring your pictures and files on a flash drive or CD. 

Cost is $3.50 per class ($2.50 for students w ID). Nine classes for 30.00 (save 1.50 off total price). 

Register with Contact Page.

Class Schedule 2017
Class    Location    Time
Cover    GB/CV    4/10
Bus Cards    GB/CV    5/08
Wire Bind    GB/CV    6/12
Logo    GB/CV    7/10
File Format    GB/CV    8/14
Coil Bind    GB/CV    9/11
Prof Pub    GB/CV    11/09
Clip Art    GB/CV    11/13

Brochures for Download

GBCW Cards

Gbcw brochure 2017