Basic Instructions for Pattern/Print Sets:

Print Sets and Pattern Sets are designed for individuals who have media they need to publish. They are like cook books for publishing in that they give information which directs the cook to make something specific. It is important to point out that the Print Sets do not teach the program of software indicated in the pattern or Print Set, but show how to utilize the software to bring about a specific product. It is comparable to cooking lessons in that one who whips up a recipe doesn’t need to know everything about the food, the oven or the kitchen: He just needs to know how to come up with what he needs within the structure he is given using the ingredients supplied. With the Print Sets, you supply what needs to be printed and I tell you how to ‘cook’ it using specific software which it is created in.

The Print Sets are written in a format familiar to web page developers. It takes the reader from screen to screen using indentations for clarification if structure.


Types of Sets Available

Print Sets-Instructions on how to print something
Pattern Sets-Actual pattern given in the software. Must have the software installed in your computer to open. Using older versions of software, so should be able to open with any software. Same numbers used in Print and Pattern Sets.
Program Sets-A set of instructions on how to do a specific thing using a program.
HP Sets-For use with desk top printer.


Understanding Codes

There are levels of difficulty with each of the Print/Pattern Sets. They correlate with a ski slope.

♦♦ Black Diamond- Expert (Hardest)
Intermediate-Moderate skill required
Easy-Rope Tow (Anybody can do it)

Glorybound Lasertrain The woman behind it.

 The foundation of the lasertrain is a spiritual awakening which Sheri received after a personal challenge with God in 2001. This experience released a deluge of dreams which, she came to realize could provide instruction and insight into her life. The instructional dreams (on hearing the voice of God and gifts of the Holy Spirit) led to her desire to make the information into books which could enlighten others. Frustration with getting the first books published, drove her to learn the process. The interest grew. By the time she attended UNLV for graphic arts, web design and tackled the InDesign Suite tutorials, she recognized it was possible to publish, not only her own books, but others. Glorybound Books LTD became a company in 2005 as a home based business in Las Vegas. She experimented with several styles of books, bindings and publishing options. Along this time, she had several dreams instructing her to save them as templates for others. Even the logo for the Lasertrain was given in a dream! The templates include everything she used to grow Glorybound business including books, advertising, book registration and web based options.

It has taken 14 years to put the Lasertrain together because it is such a large project! The Lasertrain contains REAL samples of the item, the template (provided in the actual software) and complete detailed instructions on how to produce the item. For example: When she produced 5.5” x 8.5” perfect bound books, she made several templates in InDesign. Then, she found the best papers and the best printers for this type of paper. So, the Pattern Set is like a dress pattern in that someone with InDesign installed in their computer can open it and insert their own book information. Then, there is the Print Set which gives detailed instructions on how to print the ‘book’ to come out with one just like she did. There is additional information on papers like which paper is the best and which size of binding is needed. One of the huge factors with the Glorybound Lasertrain is that it is ‘supported’. What that means is that if someone tries to use one of the Sets and has difficulty, she will help him.

At the release, there are over 300 Print Sets with Pattern Sets. They are grouped into 9 books. Also, there are subject groupings of Print and Pattern Set combinations (books, Cds, Stickers, Sales & Advertising and Business).

lasertrain logo
lasertrain logo
lasertrain logo

Glorybound Lasertrain

What is the Lasertrain?

Welcome to digital publishing. The Glorybound Lasertrain teaches integration of software with digital printing using a full size office printer (Océ Imagistic 5520) and desk top printer (HP). Glorybound Publishing is raising the standard for digital publication by releasing directions and patterns in the best software available for printing books, calendars, CD covers, brochures, web design, and advertising media. Gone are the days of the huge printer doing the work. And, happy are the days we can work within a single piece of paper reducing the waste to nearly zero.



Glorybound Print Sets are not affiliated with Océ Imagistics. Glorybound Publishing is owned by Sheri Hauser who encourages training over production; because once individuals are trained they can bring whatever is needed to their own a train. Glorybound Publishing offers on-site Laser Training Options for Business on aspects of digital computer driven publishing using a variety of software to obtain specific results (depending on where the company needs to go.)

The Océ Imagistics Printer Cm5520 is a multiple use printer which has the capability to handle many sizes and thickness of paper and armed with a finishing unit. Indeed, this manual can be used for many similar printers. All products and companies listed in this manual are not adherent to it in any way. References to them are not intended to promote their business or products, but give the reader a spring board from which to select similar ones. Several years back Oce was bought out and no longer is a business name in the USA. The Print Sets and Pattern Sets are more like a testimony of my training: My Glorybound Train (Sheri Hauser). Océ Imagistics is not liable for any of the outcomes referred to in this book and does not receive any profit from the publishing


lasertrain logo
lasertrain logo