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 The Ride of My Life by Gary Barto

The ride of my life started its journey as a weekly diary by a senior electrician on the historic ship MV Doulos for his family and friends. Travel from port to port with Gary sharing the love of God and a floating book store! Book comes with photos.  


Grandpa's Story Book

by Boots Barto. This book was given to Glorybound to reproduce for mom's 100th birthday party. It tells the roots of the family starting from Boots, grandma's husband. Very fun book packed with local history of the Verde Valley. 


My Life from Covered Wagon to Space

By Boots Barto. This is also a family book which takes the family back to 1917. Very fun history. This book was reproduced by Glorybound as a present for his wife's 100th birthday!


Memoirs of a 91 Year Old Gal

by LaVersa McKean Barto

This book is a biography which LaVersa wrote for her 91st birthday. It was never published and Glorybound had the privilege of publishing it only this year for her 100th Birthday! There is history of Jerome in her book because they lived in Jerome many years ago. 


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