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The Ride of My Life
by Gary Barto

The ride of my life started its journey as a weekly diary by a senior electrician on the historic ship MV Doulos for his family and friends. Travel from port to port with Gary sharing the love of God and a floating book store! Book comes with photos.  
Pebbles in my Way
By Alice Klies 

"Have you ever felt like life's challenges are like pebbles in your way...
 irritating trials and challenges along your path? Maybe you  too have questioned your walk with God or have used the statement, "Why me?" when the pebbles turn into  boulders. Karen takes this kind of journey to find God's grace and learns how to let go and let God.

 Romans 5:3-4 But we also rejoice in our  sufferings, because we know that suffering produces
 perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.
 Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lords purpose that prevails.Type your paragraph here.


Am I there Yet
Tonya Allolodi

Tonya’s book is a composite of life stories in her journey with God. You will cry and laugh with her as she runs through your mind with a delightful rendition of growing in her faith. Light and easy reading. Tonya Allodoli  is originally a corn husker from Iowa. At 4 years old, she moved to Port Hueneme, California. Her faith journey began at Wesminster Presbyterian Church.  Her journey had ups and downs with a high point of becoming a licensed Minster of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through World Reaching Faith School of Training.  The book is excerpts of her life journey. 

The Night Before Christmas

By Linda Ann Casey Smock

The Night before Christmas book 
 Christmas Eve has come for Ringo and the Gang. Santa is on his way and this is their first Christmas Eve together. Will they get to meet Santa? What fun for them! Enjoy Ringo and the Gang in the Night Before Christmas!
Puppy Love
By Linda Ann Casey Smock

Ringo and Norbie fall in love with the same gal. They are best buddies. Cocoa Bean is cute and adorable and loves to play. They both want to WIN her heart and do not know what to do. They decide to go talk to Cookie for advice. Find out what happens next. You will not believe the surprise ending. Adventure Series by Linda Ann Casey Smock.
Norbie the Service Dog
By Linda Ann Casey Smock

What is it like to be a Service Dog? Find out when Norbie shares his experiences in this entertaining and delightful story-Norbie, the Service Dog, Loves his Job. 


Three the Lost Ant
By Diana Stoneberg 

Three the Lost Ant is from a family of ten. On a picnic, he gets lost in the potato salad and his brothers Nine and Ten rescue him. This is a whimsical counting book sure to promote delight in reader and child. It helps you look at potato salad a whole new way!


The Mud Man

By Diana Stoneberg

A children's story with a colorful lesson teaching forgiveness. This book was written in 1994 and revived this year to share!

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