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The pieces I share with you are merely strands in the tapestry of my life.  This collection conveys the realm of my understanding of both the obstacles and the gifts that have been revealed in the midst of my journey.  There has been much to learn as I have forged ahead. Insight has come from my full partic-ipation in living life, and the choices I have made along the way.
My spirituality is unique to me as it has evolved through both the best and the worst of who I am capable of being.  I would be short of the truth if I did not confess that there have been moments when I did not seek God’s counsel and thus suffered painful consequences.  But when I have asked for  his help, he has been there.your paragraph here


I remember the small boy that I was walking alone on the beach.  The small boy playing with sea shells and avoiding the waves.  The sun was bright when I stood stock still of a sudden for no particular reason except to listen to a sound.  I didn’t recognize the sound as my five year old brain was processing so many things, but I knew it was a special sound, more like someone calling to me.Subsequently I always felt that the sound that I heard on that beach was a cry from those dead soldiers so long ago.  Growing up I thought it was my mission in life to do something so help them be remembered.   Beyond the soldiers and their heroic sacrifices was the reality of what it must have meant to be a slave on that Ocean shore when the Lincoln soldiers first landed... What it must have meant to be there on the day of the Jubilo.

New Book Releases


(1) TITLE: YOU ARE THERE   Based on TV program from the 50’s.  The play has six speaking parts, two non-speaking.
A reporter interviews Isaiah, Elizabeth, Mary and two shepherds about what they experienced that first Christmas, and how they felt and what they thought about it. Also, the onlookers [the ‘studio’ audience] have questions to ask the players.
  (2)  TITLE:   JESUS’ ANIMAL HOUSE    Based on the old Christmas Carol The Friendly Beasts. The play has eight speaking parts. An old innkeeper tells his two nephews about a big event that  happened during his first years in business, when everyone had   to go to their home town to be registered, and about the Special  Baby born then, in his very stable.   

Nine speaking parts with appropriate Christmas songs and instruments. Re-enacting the first Christmas when Gabriel is assigned to put  together a celebration on earth at the same time Heaven will be celebrating when the Messiah, Jesus, is born.
(4)  TITLE:  OH WISE MEN, WHERE ART THOU?   The daring and intrepid three wise men’s secret adventure [what the official records do not report]. Nine speaking parts w/ appropriate songs and other performances. The three wise men, after seeing King Herod, get caught in a sandstorm, fall asleep, and wake up in Kansas, near a town, where, in a local church, a Sunday School class is rehearsing for a Christmas program.  They are invited in, and then with further understanding, pursue seeking the newborn King. 
(5)  TITLE :   FAMILY CHRISTMAS MEMORIES    A scripted event, focusing on family and memories,  w/ the MC asking questions, making chatter and repartee, with serious or humorous questions for the adults interspersed with performances by the children.


When I was deathly ill God spoke to me through the Holy Spirit about writing. I thought that meant I had a letter to answer which I did. Through prayer God healed me and continued to talk to me about writing. So I asked Him and He told me He wanted me to write a book on His love. In writing this book I have learned how deep His love is for me. Through my life God has shown me how to be victorious and not a victim. My prayer is that for everyone who reads this book knows God loves them. I give God the glory.


Am I My Brother’s Keeper? by Bishop Ronald Perrin.

The booklet gives help into our struggle to understand and forgive our brothers and sisters. He tackles the issues regarding difficult to handle Church people and troublesome relatives giving spiritual insight after years of study.
In his booklet he gives us spiritual insight into the creation of man and woman as not simply physical beings, but spiritual beings created in His image!

In his booklet he gives insight into our nature with help and hope for inner change. We all have faults and do commit sin (sometimes) -even after we are Born Again!  For we are made “perfect” in those things which we overcome!”  



The role of slaying dragons is not to be taken lightly because the enemy is ferocious and has no thought of mercy. This is Sheri's third demonic warfare book. This book has a principle basis of authority within the kingdom of Heaven related to the kingdom of the dragons. There are dragons in people, places and things. What do we do about it? To ignore doesn't seem to work. We have authority to become knights and slay those spiritual dragons using spiritual weapons.

New Books