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The bulge
by Wayne Fredrick Treptow
Historical Novel written by historian Wayne Treptow. The Bulge could be a true story written in the time from January 16th 1944 to December 25th 1945 during World War 2. A young soldier gets swept back into time and the story begins. Book also has a list with photos of era and battle specific weapons. 
Hok-A-Hey (It’s a great day to die)
by Wayne Fredrick Treptow.

Historical Novel written by historian Wayne Treptow. Full of energy, history, romance, and a true sense of what it was like to be a trooper in the Seventh Cavalry in 1876. This book “Hoka-A-Hey” is an alluring look at our early years as a nation through the eyes of some of our great leaders. Custer, like him or not, is still an icon in American Military history; whereas the simple Indian had to struggle his entire life for his rights. Book contains list of those in the battle as well as biographies of the actual icons in history during the battle of Custer’s Last Stand


The Ride of My Life
by Gary Barto

The ride of my life started its journey as a weekly diary by a senior electrician on the historic ship MV Doulos for his family and friends. Travel from port to port with Gary sharing the love of God and a floating book store! Book comes with photos.  

The New Christian Era!

 By Brian Earon Lawrence
Morlotts Spiritual Book on Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The modern age in which we live is quickly developing into an unprecedented period of awesome signs and wonders! The onset of technological advancements is the key, in which the true living God of the multi verse in using for His kingdom purposes. In the Book of DANIEL, the Scripture tell us that man’s knowledge will greatly increase as the historical Church age comes to a close. Daniel 12:1-13. The New Spirit Filled Life Bible has a topic “The time of the end.”


​In Between (Hand-in-Hand with ALS and My Life)
by Jeri Sue Heath

In Between is the life story of Jeri Sue. Walk her adventures as a teacher, truck driver, business woman and private pilot. As a vibrant lady in the prime of her retirement, she was diagnosed with a debilitating disease called ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). The book is combination of life adventure, contemplative poetry with a spiritual infusion. 


UnFailing Love

by Pastor Gwen Nolan

A second in the series of Spiritual books on the love of God. Indeed-God’s love never fails.. God's love is deeper, wider and higher than any other love we will experience. God's love is always with us and goes on to eternity. 

Caterpillars Can’t Fly 
by Coleen Lundgren with art by Caryl Harvey
GBK Children’s Book
Caterpillars Can’t Fly is a delightful story about a caterpillar going through the stages of growth in constant relationship with the sun, moon and other living creatures. Everything isn’t as it seems, and sometimes what you thought was impossible becomes possible. Illustrated by Caryl Harvey, the story brings to life one of the smallest of creatures; a caterpillar. 
Joy the Car that Went Bump Dity Bump 
by Althea Jones with art by Willie Jones
GBK Children’s book

Joy-the Car that went Bump Dity Bump written by Althea Jones with art by Willie Jones arose from the personality of the restoration of a 1936 Cadillac.  It took patience to transform Joy from the rough stages of life to where she is now.  Parts were ordered with frequent visits to the junk yard. Mechanics had to put the parts on. She had to get coats of paint; wait for drying between each layer. We wanted her to come together faster than she did, but God was teaching us patience.  It developed us to build strength and character... and a children’s story which we now share with you!

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Three the Lost Ant
By Diana Stoneberg 

Three the Lost Ant is from a family of ten. On a picnic, he gets lost in the potato salad and his brothers Nine and Ten rescue him. This is a whimsical counting book sure to promote delight in reader and child. It helps you look at potato salad a whole new way!


The Mud Man

By Diana Stoneberg

A children's story with a colorful lesson teaching forgiveness. This book was written in 1994 and revived this year to share!


Wiggle Water

By Sheri Hauser with art by Karna Peck

Wiggle Water is another in the series of Hop A Log books for children which teach them lessons. The girls gather pond water to look at under the microscope. They learn the water is alive--and needs to be treated with care because it has potential of something  becoming their friend. 

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