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Glorybound Publishing 
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Arizona, USA 86322
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Rehema Pilot Project
Glorybound Christian Writer’s Association

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Director: Sheri Hauser
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facebook page is :gloryboundpublishing

Glorybound Pubishing Options for Business
We develop and print business cards, brochures, signs and stickers on the spot for those who wish to come to the office. Also can develop any sort of digital advertisement.  If you are in a crunch for time, we can help with very quick turn around times. Just send us the art and we add the text and return in appropriate medium. List of options 

We also build web sites. We prefer to begin with basic web sites which can be readily updated by those who need it the most. See a sample of the newest web site for New Beginnings Nazarene Church in Camp Verde

Glorybound Lasertrain
Print Sets, Pattern Sets with Classes incorporate Software using specific templates to publish books, brochures, booklets, web design, art formatting, logo design and integration between publishing options. All of the print sets have samples which are that which GBB uses in their business. We helping business help themselves. We have over 400 Print Sets. 

Musicians, Composers and Play Writers
Art is an essential part of making books exciting to read. Within the books we now publish, we have paintings, murals, water color, pen and ink, graphite, and porcelain paint. The cover of one of the books features a painting done on a saw blade (Chalisha). In another book (Dreamer), murals are used with a real child posing as if she is in the picture. The murals are on a Mexican restaurant (presently). We love art.

United in Word Program 
We promote translation of books into many languages. The goal of the translation program is to help children (people) appreciate other languages. A person may submit to translate a book and receive 20 books  for the translation. 

Sunday School 
Some of the children’s books have companion Sunday School materials. We have several Christian books which teach small children a bout the love of God. The Books to look for are Little Fishy Hooks.

Sound Studio Recording-
We are in the process of recording all of the books we publish onto audio disc. The authors are the best one to ‘tell’ the story. The children’s stories are told with more action while the adult books have musical background.

Our professional artists paint with a variety of medium and surfaces. We present their art along with the books.  
Interactive Elements

GBK books have interactive elements to go along with the books. We have sheep wool, alpaca fiber, plush animals , tee shirts and many other fun items.

Distribution Avenues
Distribution is through the web site, Morlotts Store, Church bookstores, Publishing Conventions and speaking engagements.  All of our books are digitally produced, therefore we have option for many translations, sizes, bindings, and large print within the same book. 
Community Events  We are involved in the publishing community by sending representatives to local publishing organizations.  We have given many donations to SEIU, Catholic Community, Opportunity Village, and Desert Springs Hospital. 

Children’s Health books
These are free books for doctor’s offices which feature a health issue related to children sponsored by a Doctor or Medical Group and written by a Licensed Registered Nurse and other health professionals.

 Publishing Options 
The editing department offers, for charge, publishing art and graphics, Editorial Services, Printing, Binding Books, Business Cards, Business Publishing Packages, Chinese Restaurant Publishing Packages, Church or Group Publishing Packages, Web sites. 

Rehema Pilot Project
We support an orphanage project in Kenya helping to enable a pastor and Church who is supporting a children’s orphanage. Our goal laid out in 6 phases. At the completion we will assist to purchase land and build a children’s hospital. We are presently on Phase 3.

GBK books offer moral fiber sneaking it into their diet like putting peanut butter on celery. We have over 50 children’s books in several languages. 

Since 2005 Glorybound has been gathering authors and artists publishing books. We have over 650 in process with over 250 published in 9 languages and 4 countries. See the web site for details.

Authors and Artists 
Most of our authors have several books and they follow one after another. We pay royalties for books we publish. We set up speaking engagements and accompany them providing support protecting their copyright and their material. We sell books at the presentations and speaking engagements.

Dream Books
Sheri’s dream books- are written from dreams. They promote faith to help others to interpret dreams and visions to understand the voice of God according to Scriptures. Part of the our ministry is to help those who seek the Holy Spirit and interpretation of their dreams. It is our goal to share with the baptism of the Gospel, water baptism, Holy Spirit Baptism, and dissemination of the Spiritual Gifts. We believe in sharing the anointing which God has given.